Our story

A couple of friends enjoying a couple of beers one autumn night of 2015, discussing everything and anything, before stumbling upon the subject of craft brews. One of us had noticed an impending law change permitting microbreweries to fill growlers, and we all quickly realized the opportunity to turn dream into reality.

But our story doesn't start on that fateful evening. Friends since before we could even enjoy a cold one, we took on home-brewing as a hobby when we all first moved to Montréal in 2010. We would brew 20 litre batches on the cook-stove, never expecting to take our shared passion for craft beer any further. The beers were sometimes great, sometimes awful, but it was always a fun process.

Back to the end of 2015, we all agreed to take the next step, built a nano-brewery setup from old 55 litre kegs and started filling growlers from our re-purposed garage. Fast-forward two years of hard work and a little luck later, here we are in 2017, waiting for the new 700 litre brew-house to arrive early 2018. We all hope to see you in the new year!


The Beer Dispensary



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102 rue Prince-Arthur Est
Montréal, QC, H2X 1B5

spring 2018


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